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About Karen Morrison

I’m Karen Morrison, parent coach and unschooling mama of 4. My coaching services are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are feeling stuck in your current situation or simply seeking guidance and support, I am here to help. 


My Story

Just a “little” about me!
Hi, I’m Karen!! A midwestern-at-heart mother of 4 gifted/2e girls.

I’m incredibly blessed to be raising my family alongside my husband in gorgeous sunny Southern California, just a few miles from the beach. My favorite days are spent collecting sea glass, searching for dolphins, and breathing in the salty ocean air.

 Before I had kids, I received a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. I've always been the one that friends came to for support and advice so I thought I would make a career of it. After I had my first child, missing all her firsts nearly broke my heart so I left the therapy world for the freedom and flexibility of coaching. It was an exciting time!! I could meet with clients virtually all over the world and still be with my kids during the day. For over 2 decades I have worked as a coach supporting thousands of women

(and a few men!) to thrive in business and life.

 Before you start to think that things have been all rosy over here, let me tell you it's not been an easy road. My kids were a handful as babies and toddlers and it seemed that what worked for one didn't work for the others. I read ALL the books. Like seriously all! (maybe you can relate?).

As soon as they started school, life became a constant struggle and it was pretty obvious that they didn't fit the mold. When I look back it feels like I spent all of my time in parent-teacher meetings and trying to figure out how to make them conform in what was an obviously ill-fitting environment.  

My kids complained about school constantly, homework was a battle that I never won, and anxiety and behavior problems were rampant. I advocated as best I could for my kids' needs to be met but was told that the teacher's hands were tied. Well-meaning experts tried to give me advice but it never really made sense and only served to make me feel even more frustrated and confused.
Those days our family was in constant chaos and tears. I was so lost. The authoritarian parenting I was raised with did not work with my differently-wired kids and yet, I had no clue what else to do. It’s excruciatingly painful to reflect on that time when we felt so isolated and alone.

That's not the end of our story though!  In 2012 after having my oldest daughter tested and discovering she was gifted, my journey to a spacious life and learning without limits would begin. That year, after fighting the system in 3 different schools for 3 years, after all F’s and failing in school we finally found our mojo and said enough is enough. We pulled my kids out of school.

 As a former follow-the-rules kind of gal, I felt like such a homeschool rebel! 

What an amazing gift! It was as if a giant weight had been lifted off my oldest’s shoulders (and of course ours!) and we once again had our happy, curious, engaged daughter back.  We went back to living our lives as we had when our girls were little. We read voraciously, explored museums, visited parks, and libraries, baked, traveled, and learned what we wanted to learn and when we wanted to learn it. It was such a relief.  Our days in school are a distant memory.

 For our family, homeschooling was the answer we had been seeking all of these years, and has been the miracle we were looking for! It's been so awesome to create a wonderful, vibrant, customized education and see my kids thrive. I had no idea that after years of stress and conflict being with my kids would be so much fun or that I would feel so passionate about sharing my story with others.

 Trust me I get that you are still wary and unsure. I understand your fears and worries. I know it because I was the one saying that I could never teach my kids and that they would never listen to me. How could they when trying to get them to do what the schools wanted was such a battle and we were in crises daily?


Little did I know what was possible when you removed the constraints of school.

 Through a focus on conscious parenting and self-directed education, our family relationships have grown so much over these past 12 years. My girls are each other's best friends despite a huge age range. My two oldest daughters have become confident young women, graduated from college, and started their businesses. They are living their lives with passion and purpose. My younger two girls are still homeschooling and will likely follow their sister's paths or who knows, maybe they will chart their own. Whatever they desire I will be here for it all!

I cringe to think of the psychological and emotional damage that would have continued to be inflicted upon my girls if they had not left school. Just think of all the amazing experiences I also would have missed as their mom if I had stayed with what was safe and known.

 Today I balance homeschooling and my work with parents who are suddenly and unexpectedly faced with the decision to homeschool. I also provide coaching for parents who want to transition to a self-directed and unschooling lifestyle. These parents know that life with kids is not meant to be this hard and I am here as a friend, a mentor, and a guide- to offer hope and inspiration- and always my own stories and practical tips. 

There really is a light at the end of the tunnel my friends - I promise!!.

My Philosophy

I've created a community of unschooling families who come together for inspiration encouragement and support. We deep dive into self-directed education and geek out on conscious parenting. We feel deeply, laugh loudly, and explore passionately. We are lovers of good books, nature exploration, and learning outside the box. We stand for freedom to learn and personal autonomy. We believe in connection over curriculum, presence over productivity, and that being a fulfilled and inspired human makes us a better everything.

My Clients Say

        You bridge the gap between the learning/processing/theoretical and the actual day to day application of how to use what is learned. I've been to a million therapists, webinars, conferences, etc. but no one ever helped me to apply those skills to my actual life and my unique situation. Your coaching teaches the info, breaks it down, comes up with a plan, addresses challenges that occur, AND helps with the emotional struggle the parent faces as they put it into place. It's extremely unique and the only thing I've found that works with my incredibly challenging situation. I can learn all the knowledge there is about my kids, their conditions and challenges, but if I don't know what to actually DO with that information and have help for myself as I use it, then it doesn't do anything to actually change my life and my kids' lives. Your coaching takes things from conceptual/theoretical to the actual, and personalizes it. It's really something that just isn't offered anywhere else.
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