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Imagine a homeschool life where everyday is a grand adventure full of museums to explore, books to be read, and passions to be kindled. 


Imagine fostering an insatiable curiosity about the world around us and nurturing a love of learning to last a lifetime . 


Imagine letting go of outdated mainstream educational ideas that no lower serve you and instead intentionally curating an environment that is uniquely tailored to your child's needs and goals. 

Imagine no longer being buried deep in boring and rote curriculum.


Imagine leaving behind the days that you worried about checking off the all boxes or forcing yourself to jump through the hoops for fear of what may happen if you did not. 

Imagine finally being free to do what you as their parent , the one who understands them better than anyone,  knows is best for you and your children. 


My friend it is time to leap!!  


Join me and together we will craft a self directed learning environment that both nurtures your children's’ brilliance while also fostering a sense of personal autonomy and builds a fire in their bellies to lay the foundation to create the life of their dreams.


After all , isn’t that ultimately what we all want?


Photo of Karen Morrison

Meet Karen

Homeschooling gifted and emotionally intense

kids can be a thrilling journey filled with unique challenges, and I'm your co-pilot, ready to guide you through it all.


I help families to stop feeling frustrated, stuck, and depleted. Start feeling fulfilled, grounded, and in ease and flow. Welcome to a world where education is as unique as your child's potential. Let's get started! 

“If you didn't have this blog, we wouldn't be seeing progress with our son and we would still be seeking remedies to cover his symptoms instead of fixing the actual problem. So many of us are listening and so many are inspired each day"

Private Coaching

Work with me to begin your homeschool journey, learn about unschooling and self-directed education, or get support with conscious parenting. 

Coaching Club

An intimate group for parents of gifted and emotionally intense kids who want to deep dive about unschooling, conscious parenting and find balance in their family and home.


A free community dedicated to providing guidance and education on conscious parenting, self-directed learning, and unschooling.


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